About Us

Jay Spira is the founder and managing editor of Sharp & Healthy. He has co-authored NT Times bestseller Slow Food, Fast Results. Jay has been featured in Forbes, Inc. and Entrepreneur, and has received an undergraduate degree in the field of business management from the University of Pennsylvania.
Dr. Katherine Jenkins is a functional-medicine expert who consults people nationally and locally in Austin, Texas. Her specialization is customizing health programs for digestive disorders. She was awarded the prestigious R. Wieland prize by American Nutrition and Dietetics Association. Dr. Jenkins is a regular contributor to Sharp & Healthy.
After graduating from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Dr. Samanta Walsch completed her residency at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. She is a board-certified functional and integrative medicine specialist who teaches women how to lose weight, detoxify, and slow down aging.
Nisha Edwards is the wellness editor at Sharp & Healthy. Originally from the Washington D.C. area, she has a M.A. in human nutrition from the Columbia University. A runner and devout crossfitter, Nisha takes part in the most physically demanding CrossFit competitions in the country.
Ricky Levin is a New Jersey-based health and fitness writer for Sharp & Healthy. His articles focus on mind and body wellness, and research-driven health reporting. He's also teaching yoga and meditation, but when he's out of his studio, you can probably find him writing his book on physical and mental recovery.
Susanne Nix is the editorial assistant at Sharp & Healthy. Nutrition specialist, fitness enthusiast, and wellness lover, she graduated from Craig College with majors in nutrition studies and psychology and studied abroad in Great Britain.